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•  DZ Circle Engineering is a company which was established in 1976.

• The enterprise initially started by specialising in the manufacture of precision components, which were required for large industrial gearboxes-, for example sleeves, bushes, shafts and other related parts- for the largest industrial gear manufacturing company in Africa .

•  Subsequently our company also diversified mainly into the manufacture of parts for the mining, railway and industrial machinery sector.

• The involvement of the company in the manufacture of precision engineering components has resulted in high quality standards of production.

•  As illustrated in our Product Range we supply, manufacture new, overhaul and repair hydraulic cylinders, and are particularly involved in the manufacture of certian high cycle, heavy duty and high performance hydraulic cylinders.

•  The changing business environment in South Africa resulted in the purchase of DZ Circle Engineering by Rekgonne Hydraulics and Engineering. The purpose of this was to generate an escalation in the growth of sales and profit, and to simultaneously conform to Black Economic Empowerment as per guidelines set by the Department of Trade Industry. This strategic move involved the retention of all existing facilities, staff and expertise. There is thus no compromise to the quality in the production standards, whilst at the same time adapting to the changing social, political and economic environment of our Country.

•  Rekgonne Hydraulics and Engineering is BEE compliant and qualifies as an exceptionally strong 51% Black Owned LEVEL 2 contributor.

•  A quality control process has always been in place in our company.We ensure high quality products and service, and comply with our customer's requirements and standards. We endeavor to provide reliable and consistent quality and thereby customer satisfaction.

• For well over 10 years since 2006, we had implemented a quality management system which satisfied the requirements of ISO9001/2008 and was certified by the SABS. We are currently still implementing our own very detailed quality assurance system but which is scrutinized by external auditors.

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