Product Range

The enterprise is a light to medium general engineering concern
whose product line includes:

•  Light fabrication and machining,

•  Machining of various diverse components for the industrial market sector, and

•  Supply, new manufacture, overhaul and repair of hydraulic cylinders.

•  We manufacture high cycle, heavy duty, high performance hydraulic cylinders. We adopt a quantity management system and specific process of manufacture, and materials, to satisfy the required criteria for these type of hydraulic cylinders.

•  We supply, manufacture new, overhaul and repair hydraulic cylinders, and are particularly involved in the manufacture of certian high cycle, heavy duty and high performance hydraulic cylinders.

•  Certain of these hydraulic cylinders we manufacture exceed 12000 cycles (24 000 strokes) per day during a 10 hour shift, and work in an exeptionally harsh environment. Their performance is so extreme that in comparison they overwhelmingly exceed those of earthmoving and even mining equipment.

Examples of general engineering products manufactured are:

•  Precision bolts, studs, nuts, spacers and washers, covers, adaptors etc..

•  Axles, shafts and pinions.

•  Sprockets.

•  Sleeves and bushes- tapered and parallel.

•  Couplings.

•  Clevises.

•  Wheels.


Example of hydraulic cylinders received for repair, overhaul, and if required new manufacture. Also illustrated are a batch of specially forged piston rods received for inspection and re-machining and hard-chroming to new dimensions.


Illustration of new and overhauled hydraulic cylinders, as well as re-machined
and hard-chromed forged piston rods which are pictured above when received,
and below after completion and inspection and awaiting delivery.
In addition to the above, an example of light fabrication and machining.


A hydraulic cylinder with a 2, 5-meter stroke being tested on the test bench.


An example of various heat treated wheels and rollers manufactured out of steel round bar, and in the second picture out of steel castings.


An example of various light engineering machined components such as axels, shafts, brackets, clevises etc… In the second picture an example of 630mm diameter roqlast material sprockets.


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